John talks about his experience

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Kevin says

I was originally put in touch with ASAP in May 2013 by Job Centre Plus. At the time I was really struggling financially and both my mental and physical health were not good. I was having particular difficulty understanding and complying with the many letters and forms that were being sent to me at that time. Most of the letters I got were put into the too difficult drawer and forgot about. As a result I was constantly having problems with the DWP and the Council. My income was non – existent and I was in danger of losing my council flat.

From the start it became clear to me that ASAP was an organisation that understood the problems that veterans have and importantly in my opinion were able not only to give advice but also to support me whether it was explaining the contents of a letter, filling in a claim form with me or speaking to people on my behalf. Having ASAP behind me gave me the encouragement and confidence to persevere even when things went wrong. Nothing was too much trouble and where necessary they referred me on to other organisations that could help.

It’s been a long and bumpy road since May 2013 and my life is still far from perfect but I am getting there. My situation is certainly a great deal better as a result of being put in touch with ASAP.  I have a roof over my head, I am in receipt of the correct pension and Benefits and I even have my Veterans Badge. The advice and especially the support that I have received from ASAP has been first class and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.

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Chris said…..

Hi, I spoke to you a couple of months ago regarding the death of my stepfather. You put me in touch with SSAFA, who managed to obtain contributions from different service support organisations which covered approximately 40% of my stepdads funeral costs, removing a substantial portion of the cost burden from myself.

I’d just like to thank you for your advice on this, as I’ve intimated to SSAFA, the financial aid was welcome, but just as important is that there is advice & support available, which unfortunately many ex-forces may not be fully familiar with,

Thanks & regards.

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Cathy said…

Just wanted to say thank you for your great communication and service you gave me regarding my husband Chris. I have had a visit from Veterans UK and they helped us with the forms. We have had physios in for Chris weekly to improve his strength. We are waiting for a home assessment about the housing.

Thank you again for your help we appreciate it very much will keep you updated.

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Peter’s Story

Peter, a retired veteran who owns his home, contacted ASAP for assistance as he and his elderly wife have been unable to sleep due to motorists passing his home at all hours to avoid speed bumps which had been recently fitted in the local area.

ASAP contacted SSAFA on his behalf for financial assistance and they awarded him £10,000 which enabled him to pay for triple glazing. Peter was grateful for the help provided by ASAP, saying that he and his wife feel as though they now have a new lease of life, due to being able to get a decent night’s sleep.

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Bob said…

Hello Sir, just got a letter in from housing benefit and council tax…… excuse the french here….. F*****G AMAZING MAN!!!!!! seriously!!!!!

You have accomplished in one day what [another agency] hasn’t been able to deal with in four f****g months!!!!!!

Liz is sitting here crying, the help you have given is absolutely unbelievable!!!!!!

The relief that someone has actually listened to us and more importantly has listened to you is a credit to you. Only 2 things to deal with now 1 – the blue badge 2 income support for Liz….

We are absolutely in awe at what you have achieved.  One word……… WOW!!!!!

God bless you Sir, you have a friend here for life.

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John’s story

John, a veteran, contacted ASAP when his partner left him and his 2 small children. As he suffers from PTSD he needed help sorting out his benefits and letting the appropriate agencies know about his change in circumstances.

The ASAP adviser worked with the DWP departments to ensure the John received the correct benefits. While visiting him at home the adviser also discovered that John had several months rent arrears, so he negotiated with the landlord to get the debt written off.

John was overwhelmed with the help he had received, and his psychiatrist added that the help he’d received from ASAP had made a positive impact on his recovery.

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Frank’s story

Frank, an army veteran, had been suffering from mental health for several years, during which time he has been unable to deal with his affairs. As a result, he was facing a demand for unpaid tax and penalty charges.

ASAP negotiated with HMRC on Frank’s behalf, completing the necessary paperwork and appealing the penalty charge decision, managing to get Frank’s tax debt and penalty charge written off. Frank said:

“The help I received from ASAP lifted an enormous weight off my shoulders, and let me get on with my life.”

He is now working full time and looking forward to the future.

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Andy’s story

Andy, an Army veteran, has an illness which makes it difficult to look after himself. Sadly, his wife had passed away, and his financial situation was such that he couldn’t afford the costs of her funeral or carry out home repairs.

The ASAP adviser contacted SSAFA who were able to provide financial assistance for both the funeral and home repairs.  He also arranged for the social services to carry out a community care assessment, resulting in Andy receiving a care package which enables him to stay in his home.

Andy can’t thank ASAP, SSAFA and the social services enough for the help he has received. For the first time in years he is looking forward to the future.

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Bill’s story

Bill, a retired veteran, contacted ASAP on his release from prison. He had originally been given a place in a care home, but as he wanted his independence back he had since been awarded a local authority house. He’d ended up in a town he’d never lived in before, with very few possessions. ASAP helped him to claim all the benefits to which he was entitled, and contacted SSAFA who helped him furnish his home. ASAP also liaised with the local social services department to obtain aids and equipment to help with Bill’s mobility issues. With the support he’s received, Bill has his independence back.

“The help provided by ASAP has made me feel much less alone, and more optimistic for my future.”

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